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ESTgames and PlayPark to Bring Cabal Mobile in the Philippines!

It has been announced ( finally ) that ESTgames will be collaborating with Playpark ( and AsiaSoft ) to bring CABAL Mobile  카발 모바일 to the Philippines ( and Vietnam )! Contract Signed Between ESTgames and PlayPark (Asiasoft) ESTgames CEO Lee Hyung-baek announced on April 6, 2021 that the publishing contract for CABAL Mobile for Philippines has been signed between ESTgames and PlayPark. ESTgames will be providing various support for localizations, promotions and marketing to optimized the game for the Philippine market. We look forward to working with Asiasoft through Playpark on Cabal Mobile given their vast and variety of publishing experience and know-how in South East Asia. And we will do our best to work together to achieve good synergies. - Lee Hyung-baek (이형백), ESTgames CEO Playpark also posted an announcement on their website on April 6 , but it was removed. A new announcement has been added on April 12, 2021. System Requirements Android OS version 4.4 and above 3GB RAM minimum 2
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LUPlay Accounts Migrating Soon to PlayID

Last May 4, 2021, Playpark CABAL Online PH announced that old accounts (registered/created in E-Games/LUPlay system) will soon be migrating to the PlayID account portal. Many COPH gamers express their opinions and doubt, since there are lots of login issues with CABAL accounts that are currently setup with PlayID, as well as on GMail and Facebook login. Source: Playpark CABAL Online PH

How to File Ticket in Playpark E-Support System

Starting April 1, 2021, if you have problems regarding your CABAL PH game account or would like to report a game-related bug or issue, we will now need to file a ticket in the new Playpark E-Support System. Go to E-Support page: You may noticed that there are also Thai text on the system. If you are filing a ticket from a desktop Google Chrome browser, just click the Translate button to translate the Thai words into English. Scroll to the bottom and select: [ CABAL PH ] game. Select [ problem type ]: Change Email Enquiry Bug Enquiry Download / Patch Unblock ID / Unblock Subpass Change Information Event / Promotion Game / Character Enquiry Top Up Problems / Cash top Up / Purchases Fill out the details regarding your inquiry or problem. There will be differences in the information needed depending on your issue. The items below are the general info needed aside from the specific concern. ID Type PlayparkID (This is the

Playpark E-Support Now Open for CABAL PH

Starting April 1, 2021, CABAL PH community can now use the Playpark E-Support: Problem Report System to raise concerns / file tickets and get solutions faster and easier. Playpark initially launched the E-Support system last February 2021 to one of Playpark games only.  Advantages of Playpark E-Support Playpark can resolve issues in as fast as 7 days With complete requirements provided by gamers. Track the progress of tickets  Ticket ID will be given right after you submit the ticket. E-Support is compliant with Data Privacy Act The information you provide is secured and will only be used as needed in your ticket. To know more about the new ticketing system: How to file ticket in Playpark E-Support System Sources: Playpark launches E-Support Playpark E-Support System Guidelines

Buy Playpark Load (Razer Gold) via GCash

Here's a guide on how to buy Playpark load ( Razer Gold ) via GCash mobile app. Open your GCash mobile app. Go to: Show More . Under [ Lifestyle & Shopping] , click Game Credits . Enter the [ phone number] where the load card pin and number will be sent. Click Next , then swipe to the left to see Playpark . Select the [ amount/denomination] and click Next . Playpark 20 (Razer Gold) Playpark 50 (Razer Gold) Playpark 100 (Razer Gold) Playpark 300 (Razer Gold) Playpark 500 (Razer Gold) Playpark 1000 (Razer Gold) Playpark 2000 (Razer Gold) Click Pay button. Receive your Playpark Load via SMS/text . Top up your Razer pin. For old  accounts ( LUplay/PlayparkPlay) , file a ticket to replace your Razer Gold pin with an old Playpark load card pin (this is a temporary process until full integration). Player must file a ticket via E-Support . Go to E-Support page Select: Cabal PH In Choose a Problem , select: Top Up Problems / Cash Topup / Purchases Select your game login (Other ID).

Playpark load Switches to Razer Gold

On January 2, 2021, Playpark and Playmall announced their new upgrade (switching to Razer Gold). PlayPark load via LoadCentral and other subchannels Switches to Razer Gold Playpark load denominations under LoadCentral and its subchannels will be switched to Razer Gold PINS automatically once the remaining old Playpark loads have been consumed. How to know if the Playpark denominations have been switched to Razer Gold? PIN details will change = 14-digit card serial with 10-digit pin password. Playpark PIN: 16 -digit card serial (Example: PLN1234567890123) 10 -digit PIN password (Example: 1234567890) Razer Gold PIN: 14 -digit PIN (Example: 12345678901234) 10 -digit PIN serial (Example: 6001234567) Visit Playpark page on how to use Razer Gold for PlayMall top up or how to resend Playpark Load to your Playpark account . How to Top Up if my Account is LUPlay / PlayparkPlay? This is a temporary process until the new top up system has been fully integrated to the account system. Player must f

Server Merge | Draco and Crux

Merge Date: March 18, 2021 Server to Merge: Crux to Draco The merging of two servers have been completed after the March 18 server maintenance, together with the activation of Summerkada in-Game Events. Summerkada in-Game Events NPC Yul' Shop Summerkada Boosting Event For more details about the merging, please visit Server Merge: Draco x Crux If you noticed any bugs, file a ticket in iBox .