Bloody Battlefield Special EXP Boost Event

Seems like there will be no Cabalentines in-game event this year *insert sad face* except the Special EXP Boost event called Bloody Battlefield.

So, while there are no events to dig into, let's all grind ourselves instead!

EXP Boost from February 22 - March 1, 2018

  • All Channels, All Maps
  • EXP Boost 150%
  • Skill EXP 100%
  • Drop Rate 50%
  • War EXP 50%
  • Alz Drop 100%

EXP Boost from March 1 to March 8, 2018

  • All Channels, All Maps
  • EXP Boost 200%
  • Skill EXP 150%
  • Drop Rate 100%
  • War EXP 100%
  • Alz Drop 150%

EXP Boost from March 8 to March 15, 2018

  • Channel 11, Mission War Map
    • WEXP 300%
  • Channel 11, Senillinea Map
    • AXP 500%

[Account] How to Recover Forgotten Subpassword in Cabal PH

How to Recover Forgotten Subpassword in Cabal PH

If you forgot your subpassword in your Cabal Online account or would like to change it:
  1. Login your account in-game.
  2. In character selection screen, click the LOCK button on the upper right corner of the character list
  3. Subpassword box will appear.
  4. Click CHANGE SUBPASSWORD button to change your subpassword.
  5. Answer the secret question.
  6. If you cannot remember the answer, file a ticket for subpassword reset (follow the instructions below).
To file a ticket for subpassword reset:
  1. Go to
  2. Level Up! Play > Accounts Login Related
  3. In your description, explain that you are requesting for Subpassword Reset
  4. You can skip the Level Up Pin Value and Image URL.
  5. Answer the details needed
  6. Click SUBMIT (If you see white screen, scroll up the page to see the confirmation message)
  7. Customer Support Team will contact you via your email address.

Server Maintenance Feb 22 2018

Scheduled Server Maintenance for Cabal Online Philippines
February 22, 2018, Thursday
10 AM Onwards

Included in Maintenance:

  • Divine Upgrade fix

Goodbye, Forums

Cabal Online forums is no longer available

Last February 4, 2018, I saw a query by a fellow Cabalist in the official community group on Facebook.

The Forum is Dead

Unfortunately for us (forumers), the is no longer available. </3

As of this writing, there is still no news if Playpark PH will open a new forum board or not.

2018 Cabal Online Calendar

You may now download the 2018 Cabal Online fan-made calendar made by yours truly, dandiely!

January 2018 Calendar: Click here

February 2018 Calendar: Click here
1300x1040px: Click here

March 2018 Calendar: Click here
1300x1040px: Click here

Stay tuned here for the remaining months! :)