Playpark Game Fest 2020

Here's the schedule for this year's Game Fest of Playpark, powered by MSI Philippines!
Playpark Game Fest 2020 Kick-Off The first leg of Game Fest 2020 will be on February 28 to March 1 at SM North EDSA, 4th level, The Annex Cyberzone area. CABAL's game booth will be there on Feb. 29!
February 28, 2020 – Shaiya Online and Perfect WorldFebruary 29, 2020CABAL, FlyFF, RF, Special Force 2, and CrossoutMarch 1, 2020 – MU Online, Club Audition Mobile and Audition Next Level Game Fest 2020 DetailsNo entrance feeTime: Mall hours - 10AM to 9PMCABAL Activities:Door Prize (no official item list yet, please standby)Returnee PackageSide Events Game Fest 2020 SchedulesKick Off
Feb 28 - Mar 1: SM North Edsa - 4th Level, The Annex CyberzoneMarch 2020 Mar 6 - 7 : SM SouthMall - Event CenterMar 13 - 15: SM Naga - Event CenterMar 20 - 22: SM Iloilo - Lower Ground Floor, Northpoint Event CenterApril 2020 Apr 3 - 5: SM Fairview - The AtriumApr 17 - 19: SM Cagayan de Oro - Downtown Premier, The…

CABALentines 2020 | In-Game Events

Hey, folks! Here are the list of CABALentines 2020 in-game events!

Event Duration: Feb 13 to 29, 2020
Love BoostSweet ExchangeRose Collection + Bouquet Item ExchangeRanger of Romance (Monster Spawn)Leveling Up Love BoostEXP Boosts on all channels and maps.
EXP 200%WEXP 200%Skill EXP 200%Alz Drop 200%Drop Rate 200%AXP 100%Force Wing EXP 100% Sweet ExchangeMechanics: 
Upgrade your tokens and exchange them for normal and craftsman items in NPC Yul's shop.Upgrade Tokens are account-binding. Upgrade Token (High) = 20M Alz Upgrade Token (Highest) = 30M Alz Upgrade Token (Chaos) = 40M Alz
Upgrade Token Exchange Items Exchange items are account-binding and permanent. 2-slotted suits [7% Skill Amp and an empty slot].

For Draco and Orion Servers Craftsman SigMetal Suit +15All Skill Amp +7%, HP+100Required: Upgrade Token High +13, Upgrade Token Highest +15Craftsman Archridium Suit +15All Skill Amp +8%, HP+150Required: Upgrade Token Highest +13, Upgrade Token Chaos +15Craftsman Palladium Suit +15Al…

Server Maintenance | Feb 13 2020

Server Maintenance Date: Thursday, February 13, 2020
Time: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (GMT+8)
Servers up at: 4:32PM
Details: Application of CABALentines 2020 in-game events

Source: Maintenance Advisory

CABAL Online PH | Phone Wallpaper

Hey, folks! I know you've been asking for this for a very, very long time now, so finally!!! CABAL-themed cell phone wallpapers are here! 😎

Size: 720 x 1520 pixels (Based the resolution from Vivo Y91 phone)

How to download from phone: Long-press the image, then select "download the image".

Alternate links to download the phone wallpapers:
Wizard (Osmium)Force Archer (Archridium)Force Archer (Archridium BM2)Force Archer (Osmium)Force Blader (Osmium)Force Shielder (Osmium)Gladiator (Demonite)SuccubusWarrior (Osmium)Wizard (Drei Frame)Wizard (Force Wings)Blader (Osmium) Want more? Give me some suggestions... and time! HAHA! Enjoy the wallpapers and happy gaming! 👍

Notes: Images and artworks of CABAL Online belongs to ESTgames Corp. The chibi girl with a laptop is me / my CABAL character, and was created by me, too. 😁

Related Link: Play the official CABAL Online PH

Emergency Server Maintenance | February 3, 2020

EMERGENCY SERVER MAINTENANCE Date: February 3, 2020 (Monday)
Time: 4:52 PM onwards
Servers up at: 6:18PM
To fix login issue in Orion Server Source: Maintenance Advisory

Server Maintenance | January 30 2020

SERVER MAINTENANCE Date: January 30, 2020 (Thursday)
Time: 9AM to 3PM
Servers up at: 2:18 PM
To apply Valentines themeTo fix bug issuesSource: Maintenance Advisory

Lunar New Year 2020 | In Game Events

Hey, folks! Here's the list of in-game events we can enjoy for the #LunarNewYear season!

Event Period: January 16 to 31, 2020
Lunar BoostLunar FlameYinYang CollectionYinYang Box Item ExchangeGrandragon Egg Item ExchangeGolden Fortune Pig Spawn Lunar Boost Enjoy lunar boosts in all channels and locations!
EXP Boost 200%Skill EXP 200%War EXP 200%Alz Drop 200%Drop Rate 200%AXP 100%Force Wing EXP 100% Lunar Flame NPC Yul's shop is back again with awesome in-game stuff. Go ahead and buy before it ends! All items are character-binding.

3.5M Alz
Holy Water of Critical Strike x10Holy Water of Flawless Defense x10Holy Water of Resistance x10Holy Water of Sage x10Holy Water of Fighter x105M Alz
Gale Elixir Lv.4 x10 Typhoon Elixir Lv.4 x1010M Alz
1D Epaulet of Chinese Gala Dress - Alz Drop Amt. +40%, 1 slot Item Drop +150%, 2 slot Item Drop +400%1D Epaulet of Freed - HP +200, Magic Atk +30, Atk Rate +50, MSA +5%1D Epaulet of Vampire - HP +400, MP +400, HP Auto Heal +10, MP Auto Heal +101D Epau…