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Is she/he the one?

Share your #CabalLovestory and get a chance to win awesome prizes!

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ESTgames Filed Applications for Trademarks of CABAL Mobile

Last January 16, 2019, as per Mr.Wormy, ESTgames has filed their applications for registering trademarks for the upcoming CABAL Mobile game.
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Trademarks were filed with 4 different names:
  • Cabal Mobile
  • Cabal M
  • 카발모바일
  • 카발M
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Source: ESTgames did registration for CABAL Mobile

Lords of War VII: Vikalitan Event

Lords of War VII: Vikalitan Event

In line with the current Lords of War 7 event, another in-game event was launched on Feb. 6, 2019. Get your keyboards ready every Saturday!

Crux Server's First Year Anniversary and Special Login Event

Crux Server's First Year Anniversary and Special Login Event

Today, January 25, 2019, marks the first year of the PH classic server.
Happy anniversary, Crux Server!
To celebrate, the CABAL PH Team launched a special login event exclusively for Crux Server. Get a chance to win in-game prizes for this event!
  • To join, players needed to have at least 3 hours of playtime for today.
  • Take in-game screenshots with timestamp.
  • Then, fill out this form:

Server Maintenance | Jan 24 2019

Server Maintenance | Jan 24 2019

Attention CABALists! Server maintenance is scheduled today.
January 24, 2019
10 AM onwards
Servers are up at: 2:31 PM

Maintenance Details:
  • Server maintenance
  • Removal of Christmas objects in Bloody Ice
Source: Maintenance post, In-game announcement

Cabal Mobile Updates: Game UI / Interface

Cabal Mobile Updates: Game UI / Interface

Last week, Mr.Wormy updated us regarding the development of CABAL Mobile where some concept art works have been revealed. Now, here's another teaser for mobile game!

CABAL Mobile [Conceptual] Game UI

In this update, the concept for the CABAL Mobile game interface or game UI has been showcased. The developers seems to have used an in-game screenshot from the PC game (Green Despair). It's not yet final if the in-game area will look different in the final stage. Let's check out each picture.
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Character List Screen - There is no existing characters yet, so the option (where the arrow is pointing) prompts the user to create a character.

2019 CABAL Online Calendar / Wallpaper

I may be late, but here it is! The 2019 Cabal Online calendar and wallpaper! Share with your friends and support official CABAL Online franchises! Yey!

Layout by: dandiely
Images: © CABAL Online, ESTSoft

January 2019 CABAL Online Calendar / Wallpaper

Size: 1366 x 768 px
Size: 1300 x 1040 px

Lords of War 7

CABAL Online PH - Lords of War 7

Today is the start of Lords of War VII, or LOW7. Best of luck to all participating guilds! Let's check out the mechanics and rewards of the in-game event.
Mechanics | Schedule | Rewards | Guild Ranking | Individual Ranking