Guild Prime Badge Exchange

Hey, guys! The GMs have difficulty counting the Guild Prime Badges automatically, so they opened a special Collect 'n Exchange event for your character-binded GP badges.

What to do?

  • You can trade your character-binding badges to NPC Yul in exchange for tradeable badges.
  • The GM [CBPH] BadgeX in Orion and Draco Servers will be on standy for the trade.
  • The GM will appear beside NPC Yul in Channel 10 during the event at Green Despair.
  • Schedule for GM Trading:
    • Weekdays
      • Wednesday – 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM
    • Weekends
      • Fri-Sat- Sun: 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM
    • Event runs until August 31 only
*For Bugged Trophies, kind send the details to GM team by filling out this FORM so they can process the restoration request*

Road to Playpark XP [Champions of Nevareth]

Rod to Playpark XP [Champions of Nevareth]

New tournament season begins! Check out the following events this August 12, 2017! Click read more to view event details.
  • Babe Wars
  • Forest of Nostalgia
  • 5v5 Carnage
  • Beat the Champions: Onze Gaming
  • Side Events
    • Dungeon Legends
    • King of Combo
    • Special Raffle

Guild Banner and Guild Shirt Winners in Cabal 9th Anniversary

Congratulations to the winners of Guild Shirt and Guild Banners who joined the competition last July 2 at Cabal PH 9th Anniversary!

Snaplar Event Winners

Congratulations to all winners of Snaplar Event on Cabal PH Facebook!

For more details on how to claim your merchandise and in-game upgrade rewards, you may try commenting in the official Facebook group of Cabal PH.

Cabal PH Game Community Facebook Group

Cabal PH Game Community Facebook Group

Hello guys! So, CABAL PH team decided to open a game community Facebook group last August 2, 2017. This Facebook group is administered by official Game Moderators of Cabal Online Philippines. They will use this channel to give the community the latest updates and news regarding the game.

Take time to read the group rules first before joining!

Currently, they opened a few topics for:
  • IBOX Follow Up Thread
  • Ticket Guides
  • Scam Sites Report Thread
  • FG Leveling Event Thread
  • Technical / Connectivity Issues Report Thread
  • Suggestions Thread
  • Glitch and Bug Report Thread
  • Item Shop Concerns
  • July 2 Cabal Anniv Thread

Join the official Facebook group of Cabal Online PH Community to get the latest news and updates in the game!

- - - - - -

Unfortunately, the Moderators' Facebook accounts have been reported to Facebook. Most of them have been blocked, while others have changed their names.

Due to so much rants, the Facebook community group have been archived and closed for good as of August 11,  2017. :(