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Domination II: 12th Anniversary In-Game Events

Hey guys! So the in-game events for the anniversary celebration has been launched after June 25's server maintenance. It's time to get busy with farming and leveling! 😁
Domination Kick Off BoostsDomination Key CollectionDomination Leveling EventDomination Trade Em Up Domination Yul's ShopDomination Kick Off Boosts Event Duration: June 25 to July 12, 2020

EXP Boost200%War EXP Boost300%Alz Drop Increase300%Drop Rate Increase300%AXP Boost500%Force Wing EXP Boost200%Domination Key Collection Event Duration: June 25 to July 12, 2020
Domination Green KeyDomination Blue KeyDomination Red KeyEOD B1F, B2F
S1, S2
IC, RH, MOAll DX Dungeons
AIC, ARHSenillinea
To get 1 pc. of Domination Box, you will need:x1 Domination Red Keyx3 Domination Blue Keyx5 Domination Green Key1,000,000 AlzDOMINATION BOXVariations /
Holy Water of Fighter 10pcs
Holy Water of Sage 10pcs
Holy Water of Critical Strike 10pcs
Holy Water …
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Episode 25: Rise of the Ancients | CABAL Online PH

Official Patch Notes: not yet releasedEpisode: 25
Patch Date: August 6, 2020
This "unofficial" patch notes contain both Episode 24 Part 2 and Episode 25.
Episode 25 Patch Content:New Dungeon: The LabyrinthNew DX Dungeon: Ancient TombNew Secret ShopNew Challenge MissionNew Essence RunesExpanded Collection SystemSaints Force Calibur System RenewalChanges: Mission WarOther AdditionsOther Modifications / Changes[1] New Dungeon: The Labyrinth Duration: 20 minutes Entrance: forgotten Ruins (X:232, Y:34)
Entry Item: Dragon's Slate
DP Reward; 10 DP
Party Member: 1
Daily Dungeon Entry Limit: 3x / Refresh up to 2x (Cost: Force Gems x15 / x30)
Daily Play Time Limit: Max 30 Bonus AreaWith item dropped at certain rate after killing Boss monsters, player can enter bonus area with a hidden quest.Notice alarm will be displayed after certain items gained from the reward box.Damage relative to strengthCertain monsters in Labyrinth will attack with proportional damage relative to HPDrop items…

Domination II: 12th Anniversary Community / SNS Events

Hey, guys! So heto na ang mga SNS and community events natin. These events are still part of the 12th anniversary event. So read through the mechanics at sumali lang ng sumali! 😊 
12th Anniversary Community EventsCABAL ScrambleCABAL Low CostplayPlayer RecognitionGuild Rally: Video MakingUltimate Throwback StoriesLive Stream Challenge 12th Anniversary Fan Sign Making ContestCABAL Scramble Event Type: SNS | Facebook Event
Event Duration: July 13 to 17, 2020

Event Mechanics:Everyday from July 13 to 17, Playpark CABAL Online PH will post (2) jumbled words on their Facebook pageThe participants must comment the correct answer(s) on the post, together with their IGN and Server.12 random participants will win each dayParticipant may only win onceExample:Event Rewards:BB+ Ultimate [7D]Yekaterina VIP Membership [7D]x100 Force Gem Package Inexhaustible HP Potion Lv.4 [7D]Inexhaustible MP Potion Lv.4 [7D](All rewards are set to character bind) CABAL Low Costplay Event Type: SNS | Facebook Event

System Upgrade for Playpark Play Account Portal

Hey there, guys! Magkakaroon ng system upgrade ang Heto ang mga magiging pagbabago:
After ng July 31, 2020, hindi na maaaring mag-register ng new game accounts sa pa ring i-access ang para makapag-top up sa game account.Simula August 1, 2020, sa na maaring mag-register ng mga new game accounts.Sa PlayPark website, maaari kayong pumili ng paraan sa pag-login ng account:Login via PlayIDLogin via Google/GmailLogin via FacebookWalang magaganap na migration ng account. Maaari pa rin i-login ang inyong account sa  Attention Cabalists!

Please be advised that Cabal Online will upgrade the website to a new system. This includes the following changes:

🔸Account registration through will be closed. Though registration feature is closed, WEB/GAME LOGIN and TOP-UP will STILL be accessible moving forward.

🔸New account registrations will now be directed to the PlayPark websit…

Server Maintenance | June 25, 2020

Server Maintenance
Date: June 25, 2020, Thursday
Time: 9 AM to 5 PM
Servers up at: Around 6PM
Domination II: Kick Off In-Game Events Source: Maintenance Advisory

How to Top Up and Convert to CABAL Cash in PlayMall

If your CABAL account login is via PlayID / Facebook / Google, then you can top up Playpark Load to your account through Playpark PlayMall. How to Top Up Playpark Load in PlayMallGo to: will be redirected to the login page. Click your login type to begin:PlayIDFacebookGoogleEnter your login email and password, then click LOG IN button.Click the CABAL PH image.Then, click the orange TOP UP button. Select your top up option. If you buy Playpark Load with card number and pin, select the first one.Playpark LoadPaypal PHRazer Gold Enter the Card Serial Number and Pin/Password.Click TOP UP button. You will be redirected to back to the main page of PlayMall, where you will see the credited Playpark Load (as PH Point) and its expiry date. How to Convert the Playpark Load / Point to CABAL CashScroll down the same page and see the list of PH Point denominations.Select and click the amount you would like to convert to CABAL Cash.20, 50, 75, 100, 200, 300, …

CABAL PH 12th Anniversary Reveal Stream

When: June 20, 2020
Time: 11 AM
Where: Playpark CABAL Online PHStream Event: Mechanics: Share the live stream post and on your wall. Make it a public post.Complete the message/caption "Salamat sa 12 years natin na _____"Also include hashtags: #CabalDomination2 #COPH #CabalOnline Prizes: 100 Force Gems100 Mega Phones30-Day Phoenix Chirpy Vehicle Costume30-Day King Leo Vehicle Costume30-Day Dragon Knight Vehicle Costume30-Day Red Dragon Vehicle Costume30-Day Black Dragon Vehicle Costume