Server Maintenance | June 20 2019

Scheduled Server Maintenance
Date: June 20, 2019
Time: 9AM to 5PM (end time may change)

Details: To be announced

Source: CM Summer Playtime June 19 2019

DOMINATION 2019 | Cabal Online PH's 11th Anniversary

Tara na at maki-celebrate sa 11th anniversary ng Cabal Online PH!
Event Details Date: June 23, 2019
Time: 10AM
Venue: Skydome, SM City North Edsa, Quezon City
Entrance Fee: 200 PHP
Main Activities and Prizes Door Prizes
King Of Combo
3v3 Battle Royal
1v1 Freestyle Battle
Babe Wars
Dungeon Legends - Defense Arena
Dungeon Legends - Solo
5v5 Carnage: Semi-Finals
Community Side Events Alz O Kahon
Mr. and Ms. Nevareth
Guild City
- Guild Rally
- Banner Making Contest
- T-shirt Making Contest
CABAL Spin Off
Cabal Archery
Cosplay Contest
Merchandise Selling

Door PrizesDraco / Orion(Sirius) Servers:
[30D] [Force Wing] Black Wings of Fatal + Penetration[30D] Palladium Armor Parts +20[30D] Palladium Weapon Parts +20[30D] Palladium Epaulet Set[30D] Minesta's Chaos Belt +20[30D] Chaos Talisman +10[30D] Carnelian +20[30D] Defensive Earring +7 x2[30D] Sienna's Bracelet x2[30D] Arcana +15 Set[30D] Charm Set +7[30D] Orphidia Amulet[30D] PW5 Bike of Penetration +20 5EU/15DU[30D] Happy Birthday R…

Captain Jack Rewards | May 2019

Another quarter has passed, so Captain Jack is back again to offer you amazing rewards if you top up! Para sa mga G na G mag-top up, check out the details on how you can win prizes!

Event Period: May 23 to June 1, 2019
Event Mechanics:Top upConvertPurchaseImportant:
Only conversions from top-upped EP to Cabal Cash will be counted.In-game vouchers NOT counted.You will only win the highest prizes that you have reached. So if your top up and purchases reached 30k, you will only get the rewards for 30k. Winning Top Ups:For 30,000 CreditsFor 50,000+ CreditsBiggest Spender 1st PlaceBiggest Spender 2nd PlaceBiggest Spender 3rd PlaceAt least 2,000 Prizes for 30,000 CreditsTop up, convert, and purchase items for at least 30,000 Credits and you will get the following:
Force Gems 1,000Pet Option Untrain 10xSlot Extender Highest5 Perfect Core HighestArcana of Laws +11Arcana of Chaos +11Enchant Safeguard Kit High x10Enchant Safeguard Kit Highest x10Epic Booster x5[3D]Happy Bday Ring[30D]Blessing Bea…

Server Transfer Guide in Cabal Online PH

Server Transfer is back! After the maintenance last May 23, 2019, players can now enjoy the server transfer service again at only 500 Cabal Cash! So for those who want to move to other server or simple want to visit, here's your chance!
How to Server Transfer in Cabal Online PHTop up 500 LU load and convert it to Cabal Cash.At the Item Shop, go to: Services and Characters > Transfer Services > Server Transfer.Read the guidelines.Tip: Triple-click the words Server Transfer to select all text, then copy it to Notepad to read the whole guidelines.Click Next. On the before transfer:Server group: select the server where the character isCharacter: select the character you want to transferTransfer Merit Point: place a CHECK if you want to transfer the Merit PointsOn the after transfer:Server group: select the destination serverCharacter: select the character slot where you will place the characterCharacter: free rename optionClick Next when done. The summary of server transfer will …

Server Maintenance | May 23 2019

As previously announced via a teaser from GM Kiel, today is the Server Maintenance we've been looking forward (fixing the bugs). There will also be game features that will be removed and added.
Scheduled Server Maintenance Date: May 23, 2019
Time: 9:00 AM onward
Servers up at: _____
Bug FixesGuild MenuPeriodical Item OptionVega reverted to CruxRemoved FeaturesDimension Port Service (For all 3 servers)Wormhole Generator (Unavailable)Added FeaturesServer Transfer Service (Removed Crux from selection)Account Transfer Service (Temporarily removed for Crux)Insertion of Guild Emblems (Guild Prime 10)New Loading ScreenNotes:
Events will be activated last week of May or 2nd week of June before the DOMINATION event along with the New Patch as ESTgames resource was focused on resolving bug issues in-game.

Source: Maintenance Post

Account Transfer & Nation Transfer Now Available on the Item Shop!

On May 11, 2019, we received an in-game announcement that the Account Transfer and Nation Transfer (Black Transmuter) are now available on the Item Shop  — for a limited time only! So... buy now!
Account Transfer - 1,250 Cabal CashNation Transfer (Black Transmuter) - 500 Cabal Cash To buy these transfer services, go to: Item Shop > Services and Characters > Transfer Services

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Recap: GM Leah Chan's Live Stream | May 9 2019

After the server maintenance, GM Leah Chan went live on Playpark Cabal Online PH Facebook page at 6 PM. You can watch and replay her video on COPH Facebook or just read the recap of her live stream below.
Maintenance UpdateCabal PH team is working closely with out developers to resolve the remaining bugs and prepare a new client build as early as our next maintenance on May 16th.Events and promotions for May and June are also lined up along with the new build.Still to be fixed are the following issues:Guild MenuCrux NamePeriodical Icon (Ctrl R)Dimension Port ServiceSee official post here. Upcoming Tournament ScheduleMay 18 - Budindz Internet Cafe, Cebu CityMay 19 - TNC Cainta, Cainta, RizalMay 25 - HQ Gensan, General Santos CityMay 26 - Net Central Digos, DigosJune 1 - Acclaim CPU, IloiloJune 2 - IWarz Internet and Gaming Arena, Batangas Domination (Road to Domination) Awarding Updates We would like to apologize for any delays in awarding due to shift of management. Below are the awa…