Who is dandiely in Cabal Online?

You might be wondering who created and owned this blog. Well, I am just a normal Cabal Online gamer from Philippines and a blogger, too. As I combined this two forces (I mean, hobbies), this blog you're reading right now was born. Pretty simple, right?

*I am not affiliated nor connected to any game master or personnel from Level Up! or PlayPark PH.

Who is dandiely in-game, you ask?

You might see me wandering in Nevareth's Draco Server (Jupiter was merged to Draco).
  • In-game Name [IGN]: dandiely
  • Level: 194
  • Battle Style: Blader
  • Nation: Capella
  • Mission War Bracket: 200
  • Honor Rank: 18
  • Server: Draco (Formerly Jupiter)
  • Guild Position: Sub-Guild Master
  • Crafting Level: Genius Requester
You can also see me at Cabal Forums
  • Forum Name: dandiely
  • Forum Stats: Transcender

dandiely's Social Media Channel

Co-admin of Cabal-related Facebook Fan Pages:

Who is dandiely in real life?

I am Angel, a web graphic designer based in Manila, Philippines.

Illustrator. Web Designer. Gunpla Hobbyist. Blogger. Yoga Enthusiast. Cabal Online Gamer and Forumer. Iron Man Fan. Anime Fan. Self-Proclaimed Musician. Occasional Writer.

More about dandiely: About Me | Contact Me | Disclaimer

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