Web-Based ITEM SHOP for Cabal Online PH

Web-Based ITEM SHOP for Cabal Online PH

As we switched from E-Games Account portal to Level Up! Play Account portal, one of the things that we lost with the process was the ITEM SHOP which we can access not only in-game but in the website portal. Every now and then, we encountered issues relating to Item shop and we wished that we can still access the Item shop via website.
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There have been issues about the Item Shop not displaying correctly in-game, or even not showing at all and showing an error saying that the shop cannot be displayed due to traffic. It might be because of a slow internet connection or delay response from the server or whatever.

But hey, after we filed a ticket regarding a lost Cabal Cash just recently, a support agent gave us a note saying that we can actually access the web-based Item shop in case that we were not able to view it in-game. So here's the link:

Web-based Item Shop: https://nshop.e-games.com.ph/login.aspx?v1=1&v2=asdfksdlelj3094i8230df9ssdfg343r

REMEMBER: Use the UPDATED browsers (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox) to access the site so that web-based item shop will display properly.

Please take note that this link is for Cabal Online Philippines (only). You will see the login screen when you click the link.

Login you account and you will be redirected to the home screen of the Item Shop just like we all see it in-game.

To close the item shop, just click the close button.

For security purposes, you can also clear your internet browser's cookies, cache and browsing history after you accessed the Web-based Item Shop (even if you own the computer you are using!). Don't forget!


  1. Replies
    1. Hi, Besi. Are you trying to access the web based item shop outside the Philippines? Please note that the link above is for Cabal Philippines only ... it wont work in other countries.

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Besi, sorry but this web based item shop is for Cabal Philippines only. it is different from Cabal SEA (Indonesia country)

  3. Hi ate,san po tayo pwede makabili ng alz..yung maka masa po te...salamat

    1. di ko rin alam e.. pero sa item shop meron binebenta na alz capsule.. hehe

  4. sir pede ask nasa ibang bansa ako dati nakakalaro naman ako sa laptop ko ng cabal natin sa ph pero ngaun bakit hindi na

  5. Replies
    1. Minsan talaga nagd-down siya. Minsan naman ok. Medyo weird noh?