How to Add Stats or Options in Costumes

Have you tried adding options in your costumes yet? The recent Abandoned City Patch now enables us to add options and stats into our costumes! How great is that!

How to Make the Costume Slotted

  • Costume slots can be expanded using a Costume Slot Converter
    • Can be purchased from Chloe (Craft Merchant)
    • Purchase price: Costume Cloth Fragment x10
  • The Costume Slot Converter can only be used on costumes with less than 3 slots
    • If it fails, only the Costume Slot Converter is destroyed

How to Obtain / Where to Get Costume Option Scrolls

  1. By destroying costume
    • When a costume is destroyed, Costume Cloth Fragments are obtained
    • When a costume is destroyed, there’s a chance of obtaining a Costume Option Scroll
  2. Can obtain through Old Magic Books
    • Old Magic Book (Low)
      • Purchase price
        100 AP or  2 million Alz
      • Can be purchased from a Core Alchemist
      • When used, Costume Cloth Fragments or Costume Option Scrolls are obtained
    • Old Magic Book (Medium)
      • Can be obtained with Force Gems
      • When used, Costume Option Scrolls are obtained

Types of Costume Option Scrolls

There are 13 options scrolls to choose from:

Types of Costume Option Scrolls

How to Add Options in Costumes

Materials needed:
  • 1 Costume
  • Up to 10 Force Core (Highest)
  • 500,000 up to 2million alz
  • 1 Costume Option Scroll
  1. Go to any Core Alchemist NPC in town
    • Select Upgrade > Item Option

      Select Upgrade > Item Option

  2. Add the costume in the ITEM section you want to grant option (Unequipped the costume first. It should be in your personal inventory) - Requires an empty slot
  3. Add the Costume Option Scroll you want to the MATERIAL section
  4. Add Force Core (Highest) (maximum of 10 pieces)
  5. Required Cost
    • 0 options: 500,000 Alz
    • 1 option: 1 million Alz
    • 2 options: 2 million Alz
    • Up to 3 options can be granted to a costume

What is Costume Safety Kit?

  • Costume Safety Kit resets the options on the target costume and creates a Costume Capsule containing the option information.
  • It is an item which creates Costume Capsules by extracting costume options and works similarly as Pet Safety Kit.

What is Costume Capsule?

  • Costume Capsule is an item that stores costume options and is similar in function as Anima Gems.
  • Account bind and cannot be equipped
  • When used, all existing options on a costume are removed and replaced by the options stored in the Costume Capsule. It can only be used if the number of costume slots is equal to or greater than the number of options stored in the capsule

What is Costume Capsule Seal Stone?

  • Costume Capsules can be sealed by using Costume Capsule Seal Stone
  • Sealed costume items are tradeable
  • When you use Sealed Costume Capsule, the seal is broken
Need more? Check out& the Abandoned City Patch Notes here.


  1. slotted costumes are not tradeable anymore? kahit gamitan ng hanger?

    1. nope. they're not tradeable, but you can do so by account transfer.

  2. pano magtanggal ng option

  3. pede bang maglagay ng costume scrolls sa mga hats ?

  4. pwed po bang gamitin yung costume capsule seal stone sa slotted na costume na my laman ang options?

    1. dapat walang laman un paglalagyan mo ng new options na nasa costume capsule seal stone