Overlord Level [New Game Feature] + Patch Updates

Overlord Level [New Game Feature] + Patch Updates | Cabal Online PH

Hello, PH Cabalists! I am very excited to share with you a new game feature in CABAL Online PH! To give you a hint, we will be talking about 'Overlord Level' (sounds familiar right?). Let's get to know these Cabal terms and the following updates together with the Overlord patch! Shall we call it OXP patch? :)
  1. Main Content: Overlord Level and Mastery
    • Overlord Level (OLV)
    • Overlord Experience Point (OXP)
    • Overlord Point (OP)
    • New! Ignore Critical Rate Resistance
  2. Changes
    • Blessing Beads
    • Improved Crafting Results Display
    • Improved Quest EXP
    • Meritorious Medal Evaluation Cancel Order
    • Legend Arena
    • Dungeon
    • Senillinea Boss Monsters
  3. Additions
    • Equipment Comparison in Personal Shop
    • Convenient Functions in Cash Inventory and Special Inventory
    • New! [Costume] Dracul Armor
    • More Monsters in Senillinea
  4. Modifications
  5. Mission War Updates

I. Overlord Level and Mastery

Overlord Level has a corresponding Overlord Points that a character can use to learn or gain Overlord Mastery or added abilities (sounds like Merit System to me).

What is Overlord Level  (OLV)?

  • Overlord Level is the additional 'level-up' after a character reached level 200.
    (That means after you reach the level 200 max, you will stop gaining EXP and you will start gaining OXP instead).
  • Starting Overlord Level = 1 and Maximum Overlord Level = 100.

What is Overlord Experience Point (OXP)?

  • OXP cannot be gained through quests
  • OXP won't affect the Mission war rankings
  • If you use an item to get additional EXP (like blessing beads), you will also get OXP from that.
  • Gained OXP will also be displayed on the system message.
  • OXP bar is added below EXP bar

What is Overlord Point (OP)?

  • Overlord point starts from Point 1 to Point 9
  • When your OXP reaches the target value:
    • OP earned
    • OLV increased
    • Earned points can reach up to 411
      • At Overlord Level 2 up to 20, you get 1 Point
      • At Overlord Level 21 up to 30, you get 2 Points
      • At Overlord Level 31 up to 41, you get 3 Points
      • At Overlord Level 42 up to 61, you get 4 Points
      • At Overlord Level 62 up to 71, you get 5 Points
      • At Overlord Level 72 up to 81, you get 6 Points
      • At Overlord Level 82 up to 91, you get 7 Points
      • At Overlord Level 92 up to 94, you get 8 Points
      • At Overlord Level 95 up to 100, you get 9 Points
  • Now, you can use these OP or Overlord Points for training Overlord Mastery!

What is Overlord Mastery?

Overlord Mastery is where you gain additional abilities by exchanging your points.
  • Two Categories of Overlord Mastery
    • Each category affects attack power and defense power.
      • Attack
      • Defense
  • How to access the Overlord Mastery UI
      • Shortcut Keys: Shift + V
      • Cabal Menu > Overlord Mastery

Now, what skills can we get from Overlord Points?

  • 14 Attack Mastery abilities
  • 14 Defense Mastery abilities
  • Total stats increase in Overlord Mastery is displayed in 'Mastery Information' on the right side of Mastery Window
  • Price for Mastery initialization: Force Gem 100 each
Attack Mastery

Cabal Overlord Attack Mastery

Total Stats Increased in Overlord Attack Mastery
  • Attack Rate = 220
  • Accuracy = 120
  • Add Damage = 30
  • Penetration = 22
  • All Attack = 45
  • Critical Damage = 8%
  • Ignore Critical Rate Resistance = 5%
Defense Mastery

Cabal Overlord Defense Mastery

Total Stats Increased in Overlord Defense Mastery
  • HP Up = 200
  • Resist Critical Damage = 20%
  • Ignore Accuracy = 250
  • Ignore Penetration = 40
  • Resist Knock Back/Down/Stun = 10%
  • Resist Skill Amp = 15%
  • Defense Rate = 50
  • Damage Reduction = 25

New! Ignore Critical Rate Resistance

  • The new force code that can be acquired from Overlord Mastery
  • Ignore 'Resist Crit. Rate'  is the ability to increase attacker's Crit. Rate by reducing the enemy's Resist Crit. Rate

II. Changes

NOTE: This changes will take effect alongside the OXP or Overlord patch.

Changes on Blessing Beads

Bead users are going to love the 30%-100% additions to Blessing Beads! Now that's another reason to join MWars, level up, and raid dungeons! :)
  • Blessing Bead - Superior
  • Blessing Bead - Plus
  • Blessing Bead - Supreme
  • Blessing Bead - Ultimate

Improved Request Result Display (Crafting)

  • The new crafting result information (displayed on the lower right side of the UI) will be:
    Request count | Accumulated Success Count | Accumulated Fail Count
  • Tool tip activate when mouse over 'Request result' showing success and fail count for the last crafting trial
  • Initialization of accumulated count

Increased Quest EXP

  • EXP earned from scenario quests of level 191 to 199 increased from 5 to 10%
  • EXP earned from Henkoff's Daily Mission  V to XIII (Level 191 to Level 200) increased from 1% to 2%

Improved 'Meritorious Medal Evaluation Cancel Order' Item

  • It is now possible to use the items at once in UI
  • Class 1 will be checked as default and cannot be unchecked
    • Checked list for other classes will be saved automatically
  • 'Quantity' will present maximum number of available items

Changes in Legend Arena

  • Additional rewards for season rankers
    • Tokens rewarded to rank 11 to 20 (5 each > 7 each)
    • Tokens rewarded to rank 21 to 50 (3 each > 5 each)

Other Changes

  • When the list is too long on a dungeon entry window, the list will be displayed as tool tip.
  • Item price display which exceeded 100,000,000,000 alz in personal shop will not overlap with the prize next to it
  • 2 minutes spare time after dungeon complete has been removed
  • Boss monsters on the field of Senillinea have been upgraded
  • Required amount of quest item for completing the quest 'Shadow of Resentment' in dungeon Abandoned City has been reduced from 10 to 5 quest items.

III. Additions

  • Equipment comparison is added to personal shop
    • Shortcut key: Alt + Mouse Over
  • Convenient functions are added to Cash Inventory and Special Inventory
    • Mass receive to inventory
      • Alt + left click to open UI
      • It is also possible to type the number of items to receive the desired quantity
      • Total item count (maximum value) is the default value in receive UI
    • Receive to inventory
      • Ctrl+ left click to receive selected items only
    • Link to chat window
      • Ctrl + right click to link the item to chat window (not added to the special inventory)
  • When mouse if hovered to 'Use Mercenary Active Buff' on Special Skill UI, description for party active skill of summoned mercenary will be displayed
  • Additional monsters will be spawned in the middle of Senillinea

New! [Costume] Dracul Armor 

A new costume named Dracul Armor will be introduced. Do you like it? :)

New! [Costume] Dracul Armor

IV. Modifications

  • Palladium gears are now added to Legendary Cube of Abandoned City
  • Fixed error in Achievement Birthday with Cabal
  • Fixed error to display the description of party active skill in mercenary icon
  • Fixed error that cause some drop items not to be seen in certain circumstances
  • Fixed error that make it possible to skip some quests in Abandoned City

V. Mission War Updates

  • Fixed error not to gain abnormal Mission War scores if the player did not terminate the client after end of previous war
  • Fixed error that caused the kill, death, and rank info to be initialized when the player join/leave the party during Mission War
  • Fixed error that Capella Gladiator gets Bringer Title as 'Storm Bringer' (Should get 'Luminosity Bringer')
  • Changes in score related to Mission War
    • Tiera Gloriosa
      • Raised the scores by 1.2x higher
      • Raised PVP scores
    • Memoria Chrysos
      • Raised the scores by 1.6x higher than now on PVP attack and defense
  • New icons for 'Guardian of Wealth' are added to GPS of Memoria Chrysos
  • Changed Mission War information window
    • In lobby, the ID list displayed in score info (in member list window) will be arranged to character level
    • In lobby and Mission War field, the ID list dislpayed in score info (in member list window) will be arranged according to scores

That's it for now for the OXP patch. Which ones are you excited about? Let me know in the comments or in my Facebook page! :)

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