Meet the Cabal Online PH Game Moderators

Game Moderator Task

The main roles of a Game Moderator is to help out the Community Managers (CM) and Game Masters (GM) and to be of assistance and support of the game community.

We can follow them through their official social media and forum accounts.

Official CABAL Online PH Game Moderators

Updated Sept 11, 2017

Official Cabal Online PH Game Masters / Community Managers

Official Cabal Online PH Channels

Meet the Cabal Online PH Game Moderators

What's New with Cabal PH Forum Moderators?

Through the last year, we have seen our newest Cabal FMs, or Forum Moderators, carrying out new game tasks aside from the main role as Forum moderation (including Facebook moderation, facilitating in-game events, assisting GMs in-game, etc).

Now that they have become Game Moderators, their tasks have leveled up as well. We saw FM Phoenix doing in-game patrols and live videos. We saw FM Exia and FM Celestine actively moderating the forums and Facebook pages. FM Celestine is also facilitating in-game pvp events. We see, for the first time in Cabal PH history, that these moderators have in-game [FM] Characters.

With an outrageous community, we expect Game Moderators to be of assistance to us Cabalists. May they have a massive defense stats to endure the complaints and anger of the community.

Which makes me think - will they entertain some sort of interviews so I can post it here? Haha!
Channel 11 Orion/Sirius
Posted by Playpark Mod Phoenix on Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Reminders from Playpark PH Team

Please note that Playpark Moderators:
  • Will never ask for your password.
  • Are prohibited from engaging in any form of Real Money Trading (RMT).
  • Are not allowed to receive any form of compensation (in cash or in kind) from our gamers/subscribers in exchange for in-game items and special requests/favors.
  • All linked accounts above are the only official accounts of Playpark PH CMs and GMs
Individuals found guilty of falsely presenting themselves as Playpark, GMs and/or employees shall be permanently banned (in-game and in real life) from all activities/events organized by Playpark.

Sources: Playpark Site, Playpark Site, Cabal PH Facebook Group
Playpark Mod Exia, Playpark Mod Phoenix, Mod Celestine, Mod Winter

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