Yul's Extreme Leveling Event | June 2017

Yul's Extreme Leveling Event | June 2017

NPC Yul is back to challenge Cabalists in grinding and leveling up!

What is Yul's Extreme Leveling?

  • Collect the required event materials (Enhancement Relic, Artifact and Gemstone) + the required items and trade them for high tier gears
  • This can only be done once per account
  • Event materials and required items will be deleted after the exchange

Event Mechanics

  • Complete these levels starting from Lv. 109 to Lv. 199
    • Collect the following event items as requirement for participation
    • Lv. 110 – 180
      • At least x8 E. Relic
    • Lv. 140 – 190
      • At least x6 E. Artifact
    • Lv. 180 – 195
      • At least x3 E. Relic
      • At least x2 E. Artifact
      • At least x1 E. Gemstone
    • Lv. 199 – 200
      • At least x1 E. Gemstone
Event Duration: Until July 6 2017

Drop and Availability per Level Goal

Yul's Extreme Leveling Event | June 2017 - Bracket and Goal

Collect and Exchange

Once you have collected all required materials, you can exchange them together with your old gears (full weapon [2] and armor set [4]) to next tier items!

Note: That the required item is permanent and not the durational rewards from the event.

Item Requirement and Exchange Items

  • You need to be -1 level from the target level in order to activate the goal quest.
  • You need to be +1 level from the target level in order to claim the rewards.
  • Once you completed the requirements, please send an email at cabalph@playpark.net
Exchange Mechanics for Level 110-190

Exchange Mechanics for Level 140-190

Exchange Mechanics for Level 180-195

Leveling Challenge Rewards

Source: Cabal PH Website


  1. San po ba yung pweding e-exchange yung mga material na na collect?

    1. Need nyo po ipunin ung mga relics, artifacts and/or gemstones depending sa inyong bracket. tapos mag eemail kayo sa kanila

  2. hanggang kelan ang event and where i can acquire yung mga relics thank you po