How to Play Cabal Online PH

Hello! So you want to play Cabal Online Philippines? Read on for the step-by-step guide on how to create an account, download the game installer and create character!
  1. How to Register for a Cabal Online PH Account
  2. Download the Cabal Online PH Game Installer
  3. Sub Password Setup
  4. How to Create a Character in Cabal Online PH

A. How to Register for a Cabal Online PH Account

How to Register for a Cabal Online PH Account
Play this action-packed MMORPG by registering at the Play Portal:
  1. Fill up the details to sign up. Remember, don't let anyone know your username.
  2. Validate your account so you can top up. Click the validation message link that can be found on your email link.
    2.1. (Note: If you did not receive a validation email, click the 'Resend Validation Link' button and do #2 again)
  3. Setup your secret question and answer so you can change your password & your account email anytime. Select a secret question and answer it.
  4. Lastly, provide your personal details so you can file a ticket and secure your account in case you need to retrieve it.
(Click the image on the right for a visual guide)

Remember: Do not share your account details to anyone to avoid getting hacked or scammed.

Your account is done! Let's now proceed to game download.

B. Download the Cabal Online PH Game Installer

Download the Cabal Online PH game installer at the official Playpark website:

You may also visit my blog post about the step-by-step guide on how to install Cabal Online PH game.

After the game was successfully installed,
updated, click the START GAME button to launch the Cabal Online window screen.

C. Sub Password Setup

(Sub-Password Setup content will be added soon!)

D. Character Creation

Not really sure what kind of character to create? Visit my post about the eight battle classes of Cabal Online.
  1. Enter your desired In-Game Name
  2. Select the Gender of your character by clicking Male or Female button
  3. Select the Battle Styles by clicking the class icon
  4. Choose the hairstyle
  5. Choose the hair color
  6. Choose the face shape
  7. Click Create Character to finish character creation
You may click Rotate View arrows to rotate the character so you can see how it looks like on the side and back views.

Character Creation in Cabal Online PH
You character is done!

Welcome to Nevareth, and happy gaming! :)

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